No teachers, no students, only learners

The School of Creativity and Design is about 

helping people to find inspiration, open mindset and own identity

building the work-life skills of 2020

solving problems together with multicultural and international interaction

disrupting the traditional ways of learning.


We offer methods and courses that learners can do in a given physical space in a given amount of time to collaboratively and hands-on learn the skills needed in the future that are listed by World Economic Forum:




Complex Problem Solving

Critical Thinking


People Management

Coordinating with Others

Emotional Intelligence

Judgement and Decision Making

Service Orientation


Cognitive Flexibility



Below, there are listed examples of the modules and sessions we do,

If you want to access to our method base join Creativity Squads.


Longer courses


A totally new two evening long (university) course where you learn what creativity and design means to you.. Credited in Finnish universities




5 hours long module concentrating on Design Thinking method


4 hour long module concentrating on Open Space Technology


4 hour long module concentrating on creativity. The module where you can really turn off your brain.


4 hour long module concentrating on yourself; your strengths, your current situation and your future.


4 hour long module concentrating on actions and principles from drama and improvisation. Finding our how you can utilize them in everyday life.


Online courses

First ever online course about “How to teach creativity”
starting at 12th of January
Apply before 30th of December for discount price


The School of Creativity and Design is about building creative thinking, inspiring people, and finding novel learning. It’s about being open to new things, trying, failing, celebrating failures, believing in yourself, thinking differently, and learning in your own way. The essence of learning is collaboration and sharing the knowledge that learners have and pick up on the way.
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During the summer 2016 we had our first pilot, containing 14 different sessions. We had fun time and learned a lot.

I learned and made new friends.

It was cool, interactive, fun and easy going.

It made me review everything about me.

 – learners

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Open Source Uni

Open Source University is the long term concept to which all our actions are leading for. Our goal is to get this totally new, self-organized university concept working globally during the next three years.

More here



Spring 2017


During spring 2017, we will go around the world during the world’s first ever global creativity tour.


An event coming up on May 2017. This will cather together Scandinavian people interested in creativity, learning and design.


Based on the amazing amount of interest about the summer pilot, there will be more SC&D stuff coming up during the fall, as you can see from above.

So, if you are inspired by the concept of School of Creativity and Design, and want to be part of the very interesting journey, please leave your info and all thoughts here. 

Let’s not just plan but actually DO something amazing together.


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