The School of Creativity and Design is about building creative thinking, inspiring people, and finding novel learning. It’s about being open to new things, trying, failing, celebrating failures, believing in yourself, thinking differently, and learning in your own way. The essence of learning is collaboration and sharing the knowledge that learners have and pick up on the way.

No students, no teachers, only learners.

Based on all this, the learners at the SC&D learn an open and encouraging hands-on mindset with which they can boost their other skills (like tech and business skills), find meaningful work, develop themselves, and enjoy life.

It’s about you, because you’re the one living your life.

The SC&D is aimed at university level students (i.e. learners). A longer term goal is to revolutionize the old-school university education. We want to make it more learner oriented, and spice it up with the knowledge from self organized organizations. You can check out our thoughts about Open Source University concept, that will be the ultimate goal.

We have already done a pilot, and based on that we are now testing our intensive course that is the first step towards the revolution.


Exploring, inspiring, and sharing.


We want the SC&D to be a space where we can discover creative thinking, build inspiration, and enable meaningful, collaborative learning.


Our mission is to offer an environment where university students (learners) can safely and equally learn to think differently, to overcome failures, and to develop a set of skills for the changing world.


“Life is yours to enjoy 24/7”