“Boost Your Creative Confidence” - now in universities

“Boost Your Creative Confidence” – now in universities



At the end of November we organised a course entitled “Boost Your Creative Confidence” at Y-kampus, Tampere, Finland. 30 participants from various disciplines (from Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences) and diverse backgrounds enrolled.

The course consisted of two intensive days of face-to-face interaction, where learners engaged in hands-on project-based work and discussions about self-chosen topics around creativity and design, and a pre-task that involved a reflection on any read or viewed material we provided.

We encouraged an open and inspiring mindset, developed through collaborative tasks creativity and design skills in our learners, enhanced their readiness for the changing world and gave away 1 university credit.




Day 1: The Design Thinking Journey

Through fun and energising games we first ensured everyone met each other and had their minds ready for creative functioning. We continued doing this throughout the course whenever the group atmosphere seemed to regress into a low-key one.

In groups the learners then discussed what creativity and design meant to them and how they would like to benefit from them in their daily lives. Each took a free tour around the campus trying to find in what kind of ways and forms creativity has been used in designing everything around them.

Learners then formed new groups and started to immerse into the first 4-hour-long cycle of the Design Thinking Framework, through empathy and prototype testing. They were free to travel to the city centre for interviews. Then, after brainstorming, work on the prototypes using our materials began.


Day 2: The Open-Space Capsule

Each group presented their prototypes from yesterday opening up discussion on what could be done on the second iteration of the product development. Many were surprised of how much potential they saw in the products.

Next, we forwent through 3 hours and two rounds of the Open-Space Technology, where learners were free to choose any topics based on the issues they found currently crucial.

The day ended with a long and intensive dialogue in which everybody was eagerly taking part.



After the course came to an end, the excitement didn’t. We received all kinds of enthusiastic and pleasant feedback, such as:


“I liked to work in a team, share ideas and communicate with others”

“I liked diversity of the group, the prototype project, chill atmosphere”

“I liked the openness of discussions”

“The open space discussions were really great and eye opening”

“This course will have a positive after-effect to different aspects in life”

“I wish everyone in this room can somehow connect again in the future”


However, this won’t end here. We are aiming at offering many more modules and workshops like this to universities and other organisations in the close future, and we hope you could come and join our courses and we’ll learn together!