Basics of a Creativity Squad

WHAT: A Creativity Squad is a voluntary group of people (2-7 persons) that conducts creative actions (e.g. gatherings and workshops) in a local area, to meet persons from different backgrounds and boost the creativity of people .

TO WHOM: All the people who are interested in creativity and are willing to spread it around. We already have people from engineers and entrepreneurs to “figuring out what to do in life” persons. Thus, do not think you are lacking a certain skill.

WHERE: A creativity squad can exists anywhere in the world, and it can operate in local language.

Existing squads (in Finland):



WHY: Because we believe people interested in creativity want to share their viewpoints, and physically connect with other like-minded people from different fields.


What benefits you will get from being a Creativity Squad member?

  • You will get access to our method base (there you can find instructions how to run different actions related creativity, drama, design and self-development) 
  • You will network with creative people who want to open their mind and work with people from different fields
  • You will get access to the SC&D VIP learning community group, and get us as your colleagues
  • In addition to Creativity Squad name, you can freely use SC&D’s name and references for your actions.
  • On LinkedIn, you’ll get to mention that you belong to a Creativity Squad
  • You’ll get the opportunity to spread creativity around the world : )

We will also look for local mentors (guardians) for the squads, So, you will be able to get experience from them. Overall, we want to create a community from which you can get support anywhere you are, and you can be proud of belonging to.



How to join?

The first Creativity Squad application is now open until the 31th of January.

Apply here:

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After you have sent an application, let’s have a quick chat. We want to know all of our Creativity Squad members personally, in order to help you as much as possibly.

And please, join to the Creativity Squads Slack Team and start networking right away (after you submit your email, go to your email account and register to the Slack group by the invitation you have got).



Creativity Squad Q/A


What actions a Creativity Squad takes on?

A Creativity Squad organizes gatherings to network with like-minded people. It also run workshops that use methods from facilitation of learning, drama, improvisation, self-development, arts and design to help learners to think more openly. A squad is fully autonomous and decides itself what actions to undertake.



What is the School of Creativity and Design (SC&D)?

The SC&D is a Finnish voluntary group of passionate learners who want to spread the creativity and  other working-life (soft-skills) around the world. E.g. here, you can see a glimpse we did during the last summer program. 


How does the SC&D and Creativity Squads collaborate?

We (in the SC&D) offer certain action instructions for Creativity Squads, but squads can use any actions they find useful. You can browse through some of our content here. By been a member of a squad you also get access to our method base, and get ready-made workshops that you can run at your place (school, university, community, organisation).

Furthermore, the SC&D supplies email templates to contact different parties (companies, universities, learners etc.), and any other help a squad would need for.

We are also developing a concept to work with companies. We want for the Creativity Squads to be able to work in co-operation with local companies, students and entrepreneurship communities.

creativity squad framework
We are all learners fostering soft-skills


What does it cost to be a Creativity Squad member?

It does not cost anything.


Where to get more info?

If you have any questions contact me (Vesa-Matti) any time:



+358 40 8372 696