Name: Boost Your Creative Confidence

Amount of learners: max. 25

(Study credits: 1)


Boost Your Creative Confidence is a two evening (+ a pre-task ) long course, which helps you to get understanding about what creativity and design mean in your life, and how you could build creative confidence. You will be guided through discussions, specific methods and hands-on work around the topics. Furthermore, the time and space is created to discuss about your own projects, hot topics and questions.

The course language is English.


Why should you attend?:

You’ll learn to develop an open and encouraging hands-on mindset, and readiness for the changing world, through creativity and design. This is done with an inspiring and diverse (multicultural) group of people with whom you can share thoughts, get new point of views, and learn together. Also, you’ll get concrete tools and thoughts that you can apply in your work and in your life, while finding the path of learning that is meaningful to you.

In this course we have no students, no teachers, only learners!



Pick one book/article from the list attached and produce a freeform reflective piece, individually or with pair. e.g. write an essay, draw a picture or a mind map, shoot a video, craft an object etc.  This should be done before the f2f sessions. Material list can be found here:

Also, do this very short questionnaire (2 questions):



Day 1: 5 hours: Checking in. Discussion about the pre-material and creativity. Doing a hands-on experience about one design cycle, from empathy to prototype and testing (Design Thinking framework)

Day 2: 4 hours: Reflecting the previous day. Giving time and space for you to discuss about your own projects (it can be from any field), or topics and questions around creativity and design (Open Space Technology framework). Doing a summary and checking out.