a new SC&D workshop where you can work around your own challenge (goal, question, project, idea, dream, life purpose ect.). Networking after the workshop
September 14th, 6pm – 9pm (workshop will be 1.5h, and free networking will start after that).
Ravintola Teerenpeli, downstairs (in Tampere)

Register here:

Initially, the whole meeting was inspired by mixer networking events that they have in Silicon Valley (once a month). However, we want to test our new workshop. So, we will start with the 1.5h workshop, and hang out (i.e. network) after that.

Just to note, there will be no serving, except water. Of course, the bar is open upstairs so you can get anything there on your on bill.

The workshop is inspired by Stanford University’s Design Thinking workshop, Simon Sinek’s Golden circle, 5xWHY, and our summer pilot experiences. Basically all you need, is a challenge or a question you are thinking about right now. It can be related to your personal life, studies, project, ideas, business…anything. The workshop is really fast paced and interactive.

Please think about the following questions beforehand:
1. What do you do for life? (Profession or field of professional activity)
2. What kind of challenge you have, or what project, idea or goal would you like to fulfill?
3. What kind of challenges are you facing with your project, idea, goal? What help you would need?
4. What kind of skills and knowledge would you like to share with other participants?

If you, for some reason, want to skip the workshop and just network, come around 7:30pm.

See you there 🙂