Based on all the experience of our earlier workshops and courses, we thought that it’s necessary to change the way we learn in the university level. We need to be more learner-oriented, and base the learning to the principles of the self-organized organisation and peer to peer learning, where learners could teach each other and plan how they are able to achieve meaningful learning.

We have to utilize all the material the digital infrastructure offers for us, but also collaborate together, by letting the learners decide which is relevant and worth of sharing and discussing with others. Equally important is to courage the learners to meet the people they need, and help them to explore the things they found fascinating. Also, continuous collaborating with companies is necessary from the very first week of the learning. So the “real world” is not just behind the lecture slides or guest speakers. If we want to build readiness for the rapidly changing world and inspire people to do what they love, we cannot rely on slow university structures anymore.

We need to change it, and we can!

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